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Receive the best credit lines and low-interest unsecured loans you can possibly qualify for from lenders across the nation, including unsecured credit lines at 0% APR for 12 months. Unlike other lenders, our express funding solutions are simple to apply for and can get you the funds you need in minimal time. Draw against your credit lines as often as you'd like. Only make monthly payments for what you use.

How It Works

Our underwriting team will quickly evaluate your credit situation and provide a personalized plan using our Strategic Lender Matching Platform. This plan outlines the best possible business and personal funding you can qualify for nationwide, guaranteed! Submit the form above to see if you are eligible to receive funding.

  • Qualify for $25K - $300K or more in business or personal lines of credit

  • Receive business funding in 10 - 21 days (on average)

  • Gain pre-approval in 24 hours or less

  • Enjoy 0% interest for 9 to 15 months

  • Fund your business, whether you're a startup or you're looking to expand

  • Use the money for anything

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Rated Funding Partners 

Doug Barlow - Da Vinci Details - $24,000

I had been a successful contractor for years and after the recession for the first time I found that my business needed a little extra cash to operate at full capacity. Thanks to the efforts of my funding manager I was able to receive a low interest rate and payment for a cash loan. To my surprise it turned out to be an SBA loan which was crazy because most banks take months to get an SBA loan and I had my money within just 2 weeks!

Brandon Tamura - Buffalo Style LLC, $154,000

The results that we had were impressive in less than 10 days we secured over $154,000 for our business. They were able to connect us with the best lenders for our specific business and what I liked best was the speed that we got our funding, it literally took just a few days, I would recommend them to any business owner!

Rabi Chakraborty - Incoln Corporation - $500,000

We got funded for a large amount – US $500,000 with a possibility of getting more later, Leo and team – thank you! I have no words other than thank you very much to express our gratitude to you and your team.

Gary Lee - was impressed with knowledge of rep…

was impressed with knowledge of rep Drew Bates and his ability to answer questions.

Ronnie Baker - Your Soil Solution - $150,000

Before I found these guys, I didn't think that I would qualify for the amount of funding I needed. But Leo & team came through for me and hooked me up with $150,000. Not only did they make the whole process easy for me, from start to finish, they did it within 15 days. Thank you! You guys rock!

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Top 29 Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum credit limit on a business credit card?

Typically the minimum credit card limit for a business credit card is $5,000 but this depends on your current personal credit card limits and overall credit history.

What will be my Interest Rate?

Our funding partners are experts at securing multiple 0% interest credit card offers from the right lenders in the correct order. This allows our clients to get funded for as much as $150,000 or more in 0% interest funding. If your credit doesn't allow you to be approved for 0% interest funding, our partners will help get you approved for the lowest interest funding avaiable based on your overall credit profile.

What is the maximum credit limit on a business credit card?

Business credit cards offer higher average limits than personal credit cards. The maximium credit limit for business credit cards is typcially $50,000 but sometimes as high as $100,000 or more. The higher your current personal credit card limits, the higher business credit card limits you will most likely be given.

Can you get me any kind of Financing other than Credit Cards?

At Lending Matchup we work with all kinds of different lenders offering business credit cards, personal lines of credit, business term loans, personal term loans, merchant cash advance loans, invoice financing, SBA and business lines of credit to name a few. Our specialty however is helping new business owners and real estate investors obtain 0% business credit cards that don't report to your personal credit profile.

What is the Maximum Credit Limit I can obtain?

$50,000 is the Maximum Credit Limit we have ever seen on a NEW Credit Card Approval, either Personal or Business. You can, however, increase your Limit to as high as $100,000 by asking for Credit Limit Increases every 3 Months as you use your Credit Card Account responsibly. Your current personal credit card limits and overall credit history will determine how much your Starting Credit Limit will be.

Do You Submit all the Credit Applications for Me?

Yes, our lending partners will submit all Credit Applications for you – You just need to follow up with each Lender and provide anything they ask for, such as Proof of Address, Photo ID, etc. Proof of Income is typically NOT needed.

Will I Need to Provide a Copy of My Social Security Card?

Probably not, but some Lenders may ask for it, especially if your Credit History is short or if you have any Fraud Alerts on your Credit.

How do I pay the success fee?

You pay our Success Fees using the actual Credit Cards, loans or lines of credit you, and the transaction will be a Purchase Transaction and will go on the Purchase APR.

Will Business Credit Cards Show on my Personal Credit?

No, they typically won’t. This means you can use your Business Credit to the maximum without lowering your Personal Credit Scores. You may also raise your personal credit scores by transferring any debt you may have over to your business credit cards. This will not only save you money in interest fees but also raise your credit score 50 to 100 points or higher depending on the amount of debt your carrying. Once your using less of your credit card limtis you will be eligible to get approved for more funding options.

How soon will Approved Personal Credit Cards show up on my Credit?

New Personal Credit Cards typically take 3 to 7 Days to show up on your Credit after you get Approved, but sometimes can take up to 60 Days with some of the smaller Lenders.

How will you know which Credit Cards I got Approved for?

We will know because you will need to provide our funding partners with an Approval or Denial Letter within 30 Days for every Credit Application they submit for you. Lenders are required to send you their decision in writing in the mail, and you will email or fax our funding partners these Letters as you receive them.

What’s the average credit limit on a business credit card?

The average credit limit is about $15,000. The limit your approved for depends greatly on your current personal credit limits and your overall credit history.

Can you pay your federal taxes with a credit card?

Yes you can! On officialpayments.com you can pay your taxes with credit cards. Have some past due tax bills you need to pay? Our funding partners can help you get approved for 0% interest credit cards that can be used to pay down your tax debt without paying interest on the money borrowed for 9 to 21 months.

Can you buy a house with your credit cards?

Yes you can! Infact not only can you buy a house on a credit card, but you can actually turn all of the business credit cards into cold hard cash. This means if you get approved for $100,000 in business credit cards, you can then turn this entire amount into $100,000 in cash and use it to invest in purchasing real estate at the best prices possible. Imagine being able to fund your own deals without having to split your profits or pay expensive fees to hard money lenders. In most cases you'll also be borrowing this money at 0% interest so it's like someone givig you $100,000 in cash without needing to pay interest to borrow it.

Can you buy a car with your credit cards?

Yes you can! Infact not only can you buy a car on a credit card, but you can actually turn all of the business credit cards into cold hard cash. This means you can extract $20,000 in cash from your business credit cards, use it to buy a car for the Cash Price, and pay 0% interest on that borrowed money for 9 to 21 months depending on your credit. This is much cheaper then paying top price at a dealership because of lack of cash.

Can you pay for college tuition with credit cards?

Yes you can! It depends on the college but many accept credit cards as a form of payment. Studen loans do not get removed if you file for bankruptcy. This means if you go to college and get stuck paying student loan debts, you have no way out. Instead of taking out a student loan, let our funding partners help you get approved for 0% credit cards instead, then use these 0 interest credit cards to pay your college tuition. This will cover you if you ever have trouble paying in the future and save you a few thousand dollars in interest fees. Also if you already have a student loan, you can transfer that debt over to your credit cards instead. Doing this will also help cover you in the case of filing bankruptcy one day.

How do you remove tax leans from your credit report?

Request that the tax lean be verified using 609 and 611 dipute letters. The credit bureaus must provide proof that the tax lean is yours, and if they can't they must remove it from your credit report. The only other option is to wait 10 years for it to fall off of your credit repot.

How can I access the full credit line of a credit card in cash at the purchase APR?

In order to do this you will need the right combination of credit cards. For example if you have a credit card that allows you to access the entire credit limit in cash with no cash advance fee, and you have other credit cards that allow you to do a balance transfer at 3%. You can withdrawal the cash you need from the 0 cash advance fee card, then do a balance transfer from a balance transfer intro card, to cover the cash advance you just took. Doing this will allow you to borrow cash at the balance transfer rate which is 0% in many cases and not the cash advance rate. In order to do this you will need the perfect combination of credit cards that each have the right benefits. This is why using a company like Lending Matchup is so important. Attempting to find this perfect combination of credit cards can be almost impossible when you consider there are thousands to choose from.

How many credit bureaus do credit card companies pull when they approve you for credit cards?

There are 3 seperate personal credit bereaus that can be pulled from for any type of credit card or personal loan. There are also multiple business credit bureaus. It depends on the credit card issuer. Most credit card issuers only pull from one credit bereau and sometimes 2. Capital One on the other hand pulls from all three credit card bureaus. For business credit cards, both your personal credit report and personal credit report will be pulled. If you have very little or no business credti, your personal credit will be used to determine what type of business credit card limit you qualify for. Our funding partners specialize in knowing exactly which lenders pull which credit bureaus. This allows you to get approved for the maximum amount of funding possible at the lowest interest rates without adding rejections to your credit report.

How Many Capital One Credit Cards Can I Have?

With Capital One you can have 4 credit cards total. 2 for personal, 1 charge card, and 1 business credit card. Most issuers allow you to have multiple credit cards, however applying for more than one card with the same issuer at the same time doesn't work in most cases.

What's the minimum credit score for Lending Club?

The minimum credit limit for Lending Club is at least 600. You must not have a lot of recent inquiries or high debt to income ratio. You must also be employed and able to demonstrate income. If you have a higher credit score, there are many lenders that have much lower interest rates then Lending Club and don't charge any origination fees. Our partners at Lending Matchup will help you get approved for the best term loan rates avaliable in 2018.

What is a credit inquiry?

An inquiry is a request made by a business to check your credit score and history. They are categorized as hard or soft. Hard inquiries affect your FICO scores and are made by lenders. The more hard inquiries you have on your credit report, the less likely a lender is to approve your credit applicatoin. Our lending partners know the exact criteria needed to apply for each lender before applying. Your matched with the correct lenders before applying, reducing the chances of being turned down and adding an un needed hard inquiry. Our partners also help you pull your credit in a way that does not hurt your credit. We don't work with lenders that simply shotgun your credit out and hurt your chances of future funding. Our handpicked lenders work with you for the long term and make sure not to hurt your chances of obtaining future credit.

Are startup businesses acceptable?

Of Course! The Lending Matchup program is able to accommodate all types of businesses.

Does my business have to be organized under a specific entity type?

While it is not mandatory to have an entity created, many banks are more willing to lend to an individual that has put forth the effort to create an LLC or a Corporation. Another upside of creating an entity is the protection and legitimacy that it gives to your business.

Is there any threat or possible adverse consequence to me or my business?

The only major ramification that you or your business may face is if you fail to repay your lenders.

What are the minimum requirements to obtain funding?

Your credit score is the most influential aspect, you should have at least a credit score of 680 or above.

What if my credit score doesn't qualify?

No problem! Many of our applicants bring on a credit partner with a 680+ credit score. A credit partner, for example, can be a business partner, friend, family member or investor, etc.

How long does it take to get funding?

Most funding companies in this industry will take 45 to 90 days in an attempt to secure capital for their clients. Through our streamlined process, funding can be obtained in 7 to 21 days.

How is funding obtained so promptly?

The Lending Matchup Program is the outcome of an extensive amount of bank analysis, legal consultation and research and development. Our surplus of knowledge comes from our learned skill to be able to analyze, and contrast thousands of applications and the subsequent credit awarded.