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LenCred connects borrowers to unsecured credit cards that borrowers can use for any business financing needs.
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LenCred can get your business approved for the best unsecured credit cards in the lending industry. They know exactly what lenders offer the highest credit limits at the lowest interest rates possible. They also establish relationships on your behalf with these lenders opening up the doors for further rounds of financing down the road. The only requirements to get funded are a strong credit score, and a minimum of 3 open revolving accounts (credit cards) with one of them having a limit of atleast $3,000. This is by far one of the best financing options for Startups and any business with one or multiple good credit owners. With this type of loan each owner of the business can obtain up to $150,000 each depending on credit. This is as close to No Doc Funding as you can get.



 They connect borrowers to the highest limit, lowest interest unsecured credit lenders in the industry. 

What Do I Need to Qualify?

  • 670+ Credit Score

  • 3+ Credit Cards on credit    profile

  • 1 or more credit cards with a limit of $3,000+

  • Annual Revenue: N/A

  • Business Age: Startups Ok

  • Profitability: No



The application proces is pretty simple. You submit one application to LenCred. They then use this app to apply for multiple lenders that offer the highest limit, lowest unsecured credit accounts.

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LenCred Financing at a Glance

LenCred is by far one of the best funding options for Startups and Businesses with one or more owners with good personal credit. Each owner can obtain as much as $150,000 or more in unsecured credit cards that they can use for any type of expense. These credit cards also allow the business owner to  draw cash at any time without filling out documents, also some cards offer 0 cash advance fees making it the cheapest cash option available.

loan amount

$25,000 to $200,000

Loan Term

Offers revolving credit, so there’s no set term.

LOAN rates

0% - 20%


 A new application can be funded in 5 to 7 days at a minimum and 45 to 60 days at a maximum. On average an application is funded in 15 days.

LendCred cannot work with the Business types below:

  • That intend to use the funds for a business acquisition.

Other Important Eligibility Factors:

  • Can work with any entity type, in any industry, and in all states.

  • Does not require that you have a business bank account to be approved, but they prefer you do.

  • Will not work with borrowers who have a tax lien or a personal bankruptcy still on their credit report.

  • Requires that the borrower owns at least 1% of their business.

  • Requires that the borrower have a minimum of 3 open revolving trades on their credit report and at least one of them needs to have a $3,000 credit limit.

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Getting Started With LenCred

Borrowers are offered a streamlined way to borrow large amounts of funding based on personal credit. 

When applying, they will look at all 3 of your personal credit reports to see what credit issuers you will pre-qualify for. 

Underwriting is based entirely on your personal credit profiles and having an exceptional credit score can help you get approved for up to $150,000 or more in funding without ever needing to prove your income.  


When applying, you will be called during the process. This usually occurs the same day or the next day depending on when you submitted your application. 

LenCred can  present a funding offer within 24 to 48 hours from submission of application. If your not approved you can apply again

after 6 months. 

Most Customers who qualified had 

Annual Revenue
Not A Factor
Time in Business
1 month+
Credit Score

What your business will need to apply? 

  • Copy of driver’s license

  • Utility bill

  • EIN SS-4 Letter

  • Articles of Incorporation

Find out how much funding you qualify

without affecting your credit score 

What you should know about LenCred

  • Charges an origination fee of 8% that's capped at $5,000. They don't charge any other fees.

  • Borrowers must pay back 2% of their balance each month.

  • Will not be checking your business credit scores.

  • Approves a borrowers for up to 100% for refinancing of existing debt.

  • Can fund a new application in 5 to 7 days at a minimum and 45 to 60 days at a maximum. On average, an application can be funded in 15 days.

  • Will not pull your credit score themselves. The lenders that  your application will be submitted to do a hard credit pull. 

  • Works with lenders that usually report to the business credit bureaus, but not the personal credit bureaus.

Prequalify without affecting your credit score

LenCred Reviews: Post-Funding

If you decide to accept funding, you'll be given online access to your lines of credit making it easier for you to monitor your balances, and make payments online.

After receiving funding, you'd use your new line of credit the same way you would a business credit card. It can be used to help supplement funding you already have, or in place of a loan to help you make the needed purchases for your small business. 


However, remember that like any small business credit card to avoid paying high interest rates on what you borrow you'll need to pay your balance off each month before the statement date. You'll be required to pay back a minimum of 2 percent of your balance every month.  

If you need more funding, you can apply for another round after 6

months have passed. 

LenCred Reviews: Why Work With Them?


Lencred is a veteran in the credit card financing industry. They've been supplying business owners with credit card financing for over 9 years. With years of experience comes access to some of the best lenders that many other new lending companies may not have access to.


With this type of funding it takes the knowledge of knowing the right order to submit the apps in, to the right lenders offering the best rates.


With LenCred they do all the hard work for you and work in your best interest to keep your credit rating intact. 

This lender is good for those with strong credit who don't want to go through the typical lengthy process of applying for a more traditional term business loan.


Also new businesses that don't qualify for typical funding can also use business credit cards to establish great business credit to help get approved for further funding in the future. 

Another benefit to funding your business with the use of business credit cards is that you can earn different rewards and cash back along the way. 


LenCred Reviews: When Are They Not a Fit?

Borrowers looking to work with this lender should be careful of high interest rates that can sometimes come with business credit cards. If you plan to pay he money back within a year then you may be able to dodge interest fees with the intro periods you'll be given but if its going to take you a few years or more to pay off your balances then you may want to look into a more traditional term loan. 

If you qualify for low interet or 0% offers then this may be an excellent option for you to consolidate debt and get your credit score up to put your self in a position to borrow a low interest installment loan in the future. However if you only qualify for high interst business lenders then this may end up being a more expensive financing option when compared to other small business lenders. Also if you'r late on your payments you'll be charged extra fees. 


Before you commit to working with LenCred, make sure you can’t qualify for other, less expensive small business loans.

Also if your looking for a fast lender, this lender may not be the best option. They can usually have the money to you in 15 days or less but it can take as long as 30 days in certain circumstances. 

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